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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9904871 Deep convolutional neural network prediction of image professionalismApr 14, 16Feb 27, 18MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, LLC
9665799 Convolutional neural networkJan 29, 16May 30, 17FOTONATION LIMITED
9286566 Visual cortical circuit apparatus, visual cortical imitation system and object search system using visual cortical circuit apparatusJan 24, 13Mar 15, 16KOREA ADVANCED INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY
7805386 Method of generating an encoded output signal using a manifold association processor having a plurality of pairs of processing elements trained to store a plurality of reciprocal signal pairsMay 15, 07Sep 28, 10GENERAL MANIFOLDS, LLC
7676076 Neural network based method for displaying an examination image with normalized grayscale valuesMar 01, 06Mar 09, 10SIEMENS HEALTHCARE GMBH
6697504 Method of multi-level facial image recognition and system using the sameDec 15, 00Feb 24, 04INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATION INDUSTRY
6411737 Method of selecting one of a plurality of binarization programsDec 19, 97Jun 25, 02NCR CORPORATION
6243490 Data processing using neural networks having conversion tables in an intermediate layerNov 13, 97Jun 05, 01CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
6233352 Information processing method and apparatusOct 24, 95May 15, 01CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
6211971 Method and apparatus to compress multi-spectral images to a single color image for displayMar 11, 99Apr 03, 01LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION
6144776 Image readerApr 21, 98Nov 07, 00SHARP KABUSHIKI KAISHA
6101270 Neural network architecture for recognition of upright and rotated charactersNov 07, 95Aug 08, 00INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION
6075884 Method and apparatus for training a neural network to learn and use fidelity metric as a control mechanismMar 28, 97Jun 13, 00ASEV DISPLAY LABS
6026178 Image processing apparatus using neural networkSep 05, 96Feb 15, 00CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
5974422 Data processing methods and apparatus for supporting analysis/judgementOct 24, 97Oct 26, 99HITACHI, LTD., KOHLER CO.,
5956701 Method and system for using an artificial neural net for image map processingJun 13, 97Sep 21, 99INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION
5920839 Word recognition with HMM speech, model, using feature vector prediction from current feature vector and state control vector valuesFeb 10, 97Jul 06, 99NEC CORPORATION
5796863 Method for training an adaptive statistical classifier to balance unigram prior factorsAug 08, 95Aug 18, 98APPLE INC.
5752007 System and method using separators for developing training records for use in creating an empirical model of a processMar 11, 96May 12, 98FISHER-ROSEMOUNT SYSTEMS, INC.
5745668 Example-based image analysis and synthesis using pixelwise correspondenceFeb 12, 97Apr 28, 98MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY

Showing 1 to 20 of 31 results