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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47900 Memory for programming a floating gate using an analog comparison device coupled to a tunneling deviceApr 08, 16Mar 10, 20TRIUNE IP, LLC
RE47866 Three-dimensionally stacked nonvolatile semiconductor memoryFeb 04, 16Feb 18, 20TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
RE47840 Testing circuits in stacked wafers using a connected electrode in the first waferAug 06, 15Feb 04, 20LONGITUDE LICENSING LIMITED
RE47831 Semiconductor memoryJan 29, 19Jan 28, 20Renesas Electronics Corporation
RE47816 Three-dimensional nonvolatile memory cell structure with upper body connectionJan 12, 18Jan 14, 20Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.
RE47815 Nonvolatile semiconductor memory deviceApr 24, 18Jan 14, 20TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
RE47803 Method and system for a serial peripheral interfaceJan 13, 16Jan 07, 20Macronix International Co. Ltd.
RE47679 Semiconductor memoryDec 13, 16Oct 29, 19Renesas Electronics Corporation
RE47639 Nonvolatile semiconductor storage device equipped with a comparison buffer for reducing power consumption during writeJan 22, 16Oct 08, 19TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
RE47583 Circuit selection of magnetic memory cells and related cell structuresMar 04, 15Aug 27, 19NVE Corporation
RE47543 Card and host deviceMar 13, 17Jul 30, 19TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
RE47382 Back-to-back metal/semiconductor/metal (MSM) Schottky diodeJun 27, 13May 07, 19Xenogenic Development Limited Liability Company
RE47355 Non-volatile semiconductor storage deviceJul 13, 17Apr 16, 19TOSHIBA MEMORY CORPORATION
RE47311 Silicon on insulator and thin film transistor bandgap engineered split gate memoryJul 14, 16Mar 19, 19Macronix International Co. Ltd.
RE47251 Semiconductor memoryDec 13, 16Feb 19, 19Renesas Electronics Corporation
RE47250 Controllably adjusting voltage for operating an integrated circuit within specified limitsSep 22, 15Feb 19, 19Marvell Israel (M.I.S.L.) Ltd.
RE47226 Dynamic and adaptive optimization of read compare levels based on memory cell threshold voltage distributionMar 31, 14Feb 05, 19SanDisk Technologies LLC
RE47227 Forming transistor gate structures in a semiconductor using a mask layer over an insulating layerJul 02, 15Feb 05, 19LONGITUDE LICENSING LIMITED
RE47207 Cell structure for dual-port SRAMMar 18, 16Jan 15, 19Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
RE47169 NAND flash memory device and method of making sameFeb 18, 16Dec 18, 18Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Showing 1 to 20 of 70296 results