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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47520 Separator for a high energy rechargeable lithium batteryOct 05, 15Jul 16, 19Celgard LLC
RE47325 Formation of a lithium comprising structure on a substrate by ALDNov 08, 17Mar 26, 19UNIVERSITETET I OSLO
RE47199 Non-contact charging module, electronic apparatus, and non-contact charging apparatusJun 02, 16Jan 08, 19Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
RE46921 Nanostructured catalyst supportsSep 28, 15Jun 26, 18OneD Material LLC
9999860 Channeled articles and methods for their manufactureApr 24, 14Jun 19, 18Curtin University of Technology
9999917 Method for cold-forging thin-walled portion and explosion-proof valveOct 29, 14Jun 19, 18SMK Corporation
9999821 Method for monitoring performance characteristics associated with user activities involving swinging instrumentsJul 13, 16Jun 19, 18ARCCOS GOLF LLC
9999777 Cermet feedthrough in ceramic multilayer bodyAug 17, 17Jun 19, 18Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG
9997773 Negative active material for rechargeable lithium battery, method for preparing same, and rechargeable lithium battery comprising sameJul 23, 15Jun 12, 18LG Chem, Ltd.
9997765 Electrodes, electrochemical cells, and methods of forming electrodes and electrochemical cellsOct 19, 17Jun 12, 18ENEVATE CORPORATION
9994959 Ceramic/polymer matrix for electrode protection in electrochemical cells, including rechargeable lithium batteriesJul 03, 14Jun 12, 18Sion Power Corporation
9997744 Rechargeable batteryNov 02, 16Jun 12, 18Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
9997952 Wireless charging module and mobile terminal including the sameAug 15, 16Jun 12, 18Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co., Ltd.
9997816 Micro-hybrid battery module for a vehicleDec 29, 14Jun 12, 18Johnson Controls Technology Company
9997747 Rechargeable battery having upper insulator memberMar 07, 14Jun 12, 18Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
9997779 Anode active material for lithium-ion batteriesDec 17, 15Jun 12, 18Ford Global Technologies, LLC
9997781 Transition metal-metaphosphate anode active material, method of preparing the same, and lithium secondary battery or hybrid capacitor including the anode active materialNov 13, 14Jun 12, 18LG Chem, Ltd.
9997270 Lithium ion conductive substance, lithium ion conductive solid electrolyte using the lithium ion conductive substance, protective layer for an electrode of a lithium ion battery, and method for manufacturing the lithium ion conductive substanceSep 01, 15Jun 12, 18National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
9994595 Catalyst and battery components derived from condensation reactions with carba-closo-dodecaborate aminesMar 16, 15Jun 12, 18The Regents of the University of California
9997802 High energy density aluminum batterySep 06, 16Jun 12, 18UT - Battelle LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 46164 results