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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
9979115 Assembly for marking at least one connection of a computer system, connection module and labelling elementSep 02, 15May 22, 18Fujitsu Limited
9972957 Connector module having insulated metal frameJul 26, 17May 15, 18International Business Machine Corporation
9958174 Device employable in different circuit configurations using parallel wiring harnesses, a HVAC system employing the device and a method of manufacturing a HVAC unitNov 01, 16May 01, 18Lennox Industries Inc.
9941644 Power outlet deviceJul 26, 17Apr 10, 18Cyber Power Systems Inc.
9893464 Connector with sliding memberFeb 17, 17Feb 13, 18DAI-ICHI SEIKO CO., LTD.
9865976 High-density data communications cableMay 27, 16Jan 09, 18HD NETWORKS, LLC
9865968 Connector housing with an integral connector position assurance deviceJan 25, 17Jan 09, 18DELPHI TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
9859667 Cable connector assembly having an illumination functionSep 21, 16Jan 02, 18FOXCONN INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
9838761 Intelligent patching systemAug 12, 16Dec 05, 17Panduit Corp.
9831587 Electrical terminal for a female connectorJan 24, 17Nov 28, 17DELPHI INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS LUXEMBOURG S.A.R.L.
9819128 Cable connector having an outer casing with a light transmissive region and a grooved metallic shell accommodating a light emitting elementMay 18, 16Nov 14, 17FOXCONN INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
9812801 Cable holding member, plug connector, connector device, flat cable, and method for assembling plug connectorJan 09, 15Nov 07, 17PANASONIC INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT CO., LTD.
9806463 Grounding type elbow connector having electroscope thereinJun 09, 14Oct 31, 17PYUNGIL CO., LTD.
9807501 Generating an audio signal from multiple microphones based on a wet microphone conditionDec 30, 16Oct 31, 17GOPRO, INC.
9780491 Automatic splice having an arm indicatorNov 08, 16Oct 03, 17HUBBELL INCORPORATED
9780503 Cable connector assembly having light memberSep 28, 16Oct 03, 17FOXCONN INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
9772090 Cable assembly and manufacturing method of the sameMar 28, 17Sep 26, 17FOXCONN INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
9768563 Electronic apparatusJul 16, 15Sep 19, 17KABUSHIKI KAISHA TOSHIBA
9748706 Electrical connector having improved detective memberAug 04, 16Aug 29, 17FOXCONN INTERCONNECT TECHNOLOGY LIMITED
9748719 Battery connector and circuit moduleNov 10, 16Aug 29, 17MOLEX, LLC

Showing 1 to 20 of 1155 results