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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47564 MotorJul 05, 17Aug 06, 19Denso Corporation
RE47563 Brush holder assembly with quick disconnect terminalDec 13, 16Aug 06, 19Cutsforth, Inc.
RE47423 Integrated power-converting moduleSep 14, 17Jun 04, 19Chicony Power Technology Co., Ltd.
RE47090 Coil winding methods and structures for a slotless stator in a motorSep 08, 16Oct 16, 18ResMed Motor Technologies, Inc.
9999486 Spring mechanism for power deviceMar 18, 15Jun 19, 18Ranir LLC
9994161 Holder for fastening a unit, in particular a pump, to a motor vehicleMay 26, 16Jun 12, 18Robert Bosch GmbH
9997976 Failure mode protection for electromechanical batteryDec 17, 15Jun 12, 18Not available
9994332 Engine assembly with direct drive of generatorJun 07, 17Jun 12, 18Pratt & Whitney Canada Corp.
9997973 Motor housingJan 16, 15Jun 12, 18EBM-Papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG
9997984 Driving apparatusDec 19, 13Jun 12, 18PINOEER CORPORATION
9997972 Bus bar unit and manufacturing method of bus bar unitJan 23, 14Jun 12, 18KYB Corporation
9997970 Pump having a rotation prevention means and domestic appliance having a pump of this kindJun 06, 14Jun 12, 18BSH Hausgeraete GmbH
9998023 Modular subsea converterFeb 03, 15Jun 12, 18Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
9997983 Multiple winding design for single or polyphase electric motors with a cage type rotorFeb 10, 15Jun 12, 18Not available
9995286 Self-contained in-ground geothermal generator and heat exchanger with in-line pump and several alternative applicationsDec 23, 14Jun 12, 18Not available
9997982 Rotating electrical machine comprising at least one stator and at least two rotorsSep 18, 15Jun 12, 18MOTEURS LEROY SOMER
9997967 Rotor of electric motor which has magnets, electric motor, and method of production of rotorDec 18, 14Jun 12, 18FANUC CORPORATION
9997979 Magnetic kinetic propulsion motor apparatus and methodMar 11, 15Jun 12, 18Not available
9995308 Electric machine powered by exciting armatureAug 28, 12Jun 12, 18MOTEURS LEROY SOMER
9995298 Apparatus and method for controlling a linear compressor and a linear compressor and a refrigerator having the sameNov 23, 15Jun 12, 18LG Electronics Inc.

Showing 1 to 20 of 28885 results