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Patent/Pub #TitleFiling DateIssue/Publication DatePatent Owner
RE47879 Apparatus and method for channel-state-information pilot design for an advanced wireless networkFeb 01, 17Feb 25, 20Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
RE47877 Managing content storage, selection, and transfer for user accessNov 18, 16Feb 25, 20Chanyu Holdings, LLC
RE47856 DTV transmitting system and method of processing DTV signalMay 08, 17Feb 11, 20LG Electronics Inc.
RE47841 Cryptographic system using pairing with errorsJan 26, 18Feb 04, 20Not available
RE47842 System and method of identifying networked device for establishing a P2P connectionDec 13, 18Feb 04, 20Throughtek Co., Ltd.
RE47843 Communication apparatus and communication layer role deciding methodAug 20, 14Feb 04, 20CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
RE47813 Feedback loop for dynamic network resource allocationAug 01, 18Jan 14, 20Optiva Canada Inc.
RE47792 Digital broadcasting system and method of processing dataMay 12, 14Dec 31, 19LG Electronics Inc.
RE47773 Method for implementing IP multimedia subsystem registrationDec 26, 14Dec 17, 19Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.
RE47774 Synchronized viewing of media contentJan 27, 16Dec 17, 19Comcast Cable Communications LLC
RE47760 Digital domain content processing and distribution apparatus and methodsJul 06, 17Dec 03, 19TIME WARNER CABLE ENTERPRISES LLC
RE47757 System and method for identifying and assessing vulnerabilities on a mobile communications deviceFeb 15, 18Dec 03, 19Lookout, Inc.
RE47756 High performance memory based communications interfaceOct 09, 14Dec 03, 19III Holdings 1, LLC
RE47730 System and method for controlled copying and moving of content between devices and domains based on conditional encryption of content key depending on usage stateMay 02, 16Nov 12, 19Nokia Technologies Oy
RE47719 Relocating context information in header compressionJul 12, 16Nov 05, 19Conversant Wireless Licensing S.A R.L.
RE47717 Serial output redirection using HTTPApr 23, 18Nov 05, 19Quanta Computer Inc.
RE47718 Method of transmitting/receiving digital contents and apparatus for receiving digital contentsApr 22, 15Nov 05, 19LG Electronics Inc.
RE47677 Prioritizing instances of programs for execution based on input data availabilityJul 26, 18Oct 29, 19Throughputer, Inc.
RE47662 System and method for PUCCH subband feedback signaling in a wireless networkNov 24, 15Oct 22, 19Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Showing 1 to 20 of 174192 results