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Jul 28, 2012
High School Degree
National Recruiter


TRG Customer Solutions is recruiting Technical Support Agents to begin training on August 20, 2012. Applications received for these positions may be reviewed for future opportunities at the Spring Hill site.

Technical Support Agents at TRG answer incoming calls in a call center environment. Our agents assist customers and help them to resolve technical support issues related to their personal computers.

These positions are full time. The program hours are from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm, seven days a week. TRG is seeking candidates who are able to be at the call center and work any shift during the program hours.

Candidates must successfully complete a three week, paid training course, prior to taking calls.


Applications will be reviewed to determine that candidates meet the following minimum qualifications:

• Must be at least 18 years of age
• High School diploma or GED
• Customer Service Experience
• Technical experience
• Solid work history

(A combination of on the job experience and/or education may meet the qualification for technical experience.)

In addition, TRG is seeking applicants with the following desired skills and/or experience:

• Practical experience with computer and internet use
• Exceptional problem solving skills
• The ability to provide patient, prompt and courteous problem resolution
• Experience navigating common user interface elements, including opening and closing windows, navigating file structures through volumes and folders, launching and quitting applications, selecting portions of text or other items using the mouse, copying, cutting and pasting text, saving and printing documents
• Familiarity with different types of broadband and dialup services
• Knowledge of network hardware: cables, routers, and modems

The primary function of these positions is to provide technical support to incoming callers. This requires sitting or standing at a computer station, talking on the phone (using a headset), and entering information on a computer. Candidates must be able to perform the primary functions of this position with or without accommodation.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Providing prompt, reliable, and accurate technical support to customers in a call center environment. Agents must effectively communicate with every customer by adjusting their vocabulary to that of the customer. Our agents are also responsible for ensuring call resolution in a timely manner, while maintaining the highest level of quality support in every customer interaction.

Pay & Benefits
Benefits include the opportunity to participate in TRG’s medical, dental and vision insurance plans.

How To Apply

How to Apply:                                                                                            

Apply Online or please go to to apply.

 Requisition Number: 12-0152, or Call at 412-706-5549 to Schedule for an Interview.


TRG Customer Solutions is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Candidates must be 18 to apply.