Primary Source of our Data. Patent Buddy's attorney, agent and firm information is based on the USPTO's published roster of registered US patent attorneys and agents, and in some cases is supplied by attorneys or agents that register with our site and update their own records.

Policy to Maintain Consistency with USPTO Records. It is the policy of Patent Buddy to maintain our data in a manner that is consistent with published Government records, and in particular the United States Patent Office (USPTO) roster of registered attorneys and agents. Accordingly, any correction to a USPTO record will be updated to Patent Buddy as soon as we are informed of such a correction. Patent Buddy however, is not able to correct USPTO records and as such any errors in those records should be reported to the USPTO's Office of Enrollment and Discipline. Upon receiving reliable notice that such error has been reported to the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, we will update our records accordingly.

Error Reporting. Errors in attorney or agent data on Patent Buddy should be reported to Patent Buddy using the If your message is not acknowledged within two business days please send us a facsimile at the number currently posted on our web site. Please provide us with as much detail as possible as to the nature of the error in our data so as to allow us to make corrective notations on the associated record or records.

Error Investigation. All reported errors will be investigated. During the investigation, Patent Buddy will make a notation on the attorney or agents record that we have been notified of an error and an investigation of the error is being conducted. Our goal is to provide a report to the subject attorney or agent within thirty (30) business days as to the results of our investigation.

Error Notation or Correction. In the event that our investigation indicates that we have made an error in representing the USPTO source data, our error will be corrected. If our source records are consistent with USPTO records those records will not be changed, but we will update the 'Entered by [Attorney]' records to reflect any corrections we receive from the attorney that we judge to be reasonably accurate and reliable. In addition, it is noted that attorneys or agents may register for free and make their own corrections to their own data. If an error is alleged but we find no errors in our data and insufficient information is provided by the attorney or agent to allow us to make a notation of the allegedly correct data, Patent Buddy will simply make a notation on the attorney or agents record that we have been notified of an error but no corrective information has been provided to us by the attorney or agent in order to correct the error.

Removal of Attorneys/Agents from Database. Unfortunately, it is not possible to maintain such consistency and simultaneously honor requests to remove the names of registered patent attorneys or agents from our database that have been obtained from the published USPTO roster. In many cases a particular attorney or agent is a former employee or partner of one or more other attorneys, and as such the attorney is also part of one or more other attorneys' factual record of affiliations.