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    We invite parties interested in a class-action lawsuit against the US Government for patent infringement, to join the group: The goal of this group is to gather inventors who had their ideas stolen by the US Government in the below manner, and file a class-action lawsuit against the Government.

    In a nutshell: the US Government is currently using a rather simple trick to get away with the multibillion massive theft: they passed an unconstitutional law which enables them to steal any idea from a Ph.D. thesis, as long as they both file for protection and grant the patent to themselves within 1 year since the inventor's oral defense. Basically, they count on the inventor's poverty during the initial 5 years of general protection which is granted under the Constitution and internationally to everyone for all ideas patentable.

    Both US and foreign nationals are welcome to join us. To join, the USPTO may or may not subsequently admit in writing that the Government has stolen your idea.

    Feel free to circulate this call, and do encourage colleagues to join us.

    *** UPDATE: Since patentbuddy has shut down the groups, we moved to Google Groups instead:!forum/classactionlawsuit

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    Discussion of ideas, processes, marketing, statistics business plans related to smart phones, tablets, wearable computers and anything portable that counts. Some people call it 'Portable Electronic Devices'. ....
    Any contribution to this mission statement is welcome.


    This group is devoted to discuss about Patent filing and prosecution practices in Indian Patent Office

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    Radio-labeled small molecule and biolgical compounds

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    Información, Noticias, opiniones, comentarios sobre Propiedad Intelectual en Español

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    Patent information and tips for prosecution and enforcement in Central America, including Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama

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    News, views, opinions, thoughts, comments,suggestions,queries,information about Indian Patent Law

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    This group tracks changes of interest in UK law.

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    Monetization is an increasing focus of patent owners and their attorneys. This group provides a place where people seeking to participate in this endeavor can learn from peers and experts.

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    Commentary and information regarding patent law in Australia

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    Discussions regarding leading patents, licensing, and other trends regarding Clouds.

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    Amusing patents; Gallows humor; Humorous anecdotes; Anything imparting a chuckle

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    China has undergone extraordinary change in the past few decades. Patent law in China has been a part of this change. This group will seek to report on news regarding patent law in China

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    A place to discuss patent education for aspiring attorneys and agents as well as for continuing education. Also a place to discuss education of inventors and the public about patent issues.

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    Discussion and review of the various tools available for search, analysis and management of patents and portfolios.

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